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  • Timbersled Belt Drive 2017-2022
  • Timbersled Belt Drive 2017-2022
SKU: 104-7500-29

Timbersled Belt Drive 2017-2022


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The TKI Belt Drive for Timbersled (modes 2017-2021)  allows for easy installation replacing the factory chain drive with NO modifications to the factory parts. This kit does NOT modify any OEM parts.

The TKI Timbersled Belt drive installs using 5 bolts to attach the case to the factory OEM chassis mount location. Then using the two stock bolts to attach the new gears. Finish installation by mounting the belt and outside cover.

The included belt is a 36 mm wide belt compared to a 20 or 28 mm belts on other snowbike kits. This belt is the same Gates belt for all 2013-2021 TKI Polaris Belt Drives. 

The outer case is machined from one solid 35 lb billet block down to just over 3.5 lbs providing stability against chassis flex. Outer cover is stainless/aluminum for additional protection against whatever the backcountry can throw at it.

Available in 1 stock gear ratio, allowing for gearing changes on the bike itself.

Early season testing provided more efficient track engagement and throttle response.

Manufactured in the USA!!

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